Tips to eat well when returning back to work

Lockdown measures was lifted across England a few weeks ago and as part of the changes in measures, the official work from home (WFH) order has come to an end for certain organisations, meaning that most people can now return to the office.

Some people are feeling quite nervous to return back to the office as they’ve been used to wfh for the past 18 months. During lockdown, some people have changed their routine and have been accustomed to it, had more time to prepare meals around work and have become more mindful of their diet.

Recently, I’ve received a lot of direct messages on social media & questions on tips to maintain a healthy diet when returning back to work and I thought I’d share some of my tips below.

I do want to say though that if you’re diet isn’t the same as it was when you were working from home – don’t stress over it…Focus more on eating foods that you enjoy, are nourishing & satisfying than trying to have the perfect diet.

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