Fermented foods – African edition

Last week was #AfricaDay2021 (Tuesday 25th May) and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to talk about African foods (even though I talk about it everyday in my household, to my clients from African backgrounds and most times on social media).

This post is inspired by a conversation I had on Clubhouse App a few weeks ago with some lovely ladies about traditional African and Caribbean diets.

We said that our traditional foods can be healthy and just because it’s not widely known or considered in magazines, social media, food blogs, etc…it doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy or that we should stay away from them.

We briefly spoke about fermented foods as it’s something that most people are talking about nowadays in relation to gut health and probiotics. We looked at the popular ones that most people know like kimchi (which I loveeeeee by the way!) and we said that there are some fermented foods that we include in our African diets that not many people are aware of…

Check out my infographics below to read more. Almost every culture in the world has its own traditional fermented foods. I often tell my clients that they don’t need to choose between health and culture when it comes to their diet or opt for products that are ‘popular. However, they can still try various types of fermented foods for gut health that they find tasty, that they enjoy and suitable for them to eat.

I have included a table from an interesting paper: Perspectives on the probiotic potential of lactic acid bacteria from African traditional fermented foods and beverages by Mokoena et al (2026) on various African fermented foods and beverages.

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