Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and appetite.

Chocolate is often regarded as an ‘unhealthy’ or ‘bad’ food but actually all foods can be part of a healthy balanced diet, including chocolate. So, if you like chocolate and is suitable for you to eat, then have some every now and then as part of a balanced diet.

Worth mentioning that chocolate – whether white, milk or dark – can be high in fat & sugar so try to have it as an occasional treat if you need to.

As I was doing my literature review, I came across some interesting research which suggested that dark chocolate may be more satiating than milk chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has a more intense cocoa flavour than milk chocolate and this stronger sensory signal may lead to a stronger sensory satiety response.

In the view of the differences between milk & dark chocolate – researchers compared the effect of dark chocolate and milk chocolate on appetite sensations & energy intake in healthy men (Check out my infographics below to read more!)

Obviously there are some limitations of the study which I’ve highlighted but I thought it was a very interesting study…

Having said this, don’t overthink your chocolate choices, especially to suppress your appetite! Eat any chocolate that you enjoy & is suitable for you.

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