Eating well with a small appetite

A lack of appetite can be caused by various factors, such as originating from an underlying health conditions, low mood, medications and ageing. Although a loss of appetite can affect anyone at any age, older adults are more likely to experience decline in appetite.

Low appetite levels can contribute to weight loss and nutritional deficiencies, and associated poor healthcare outcomes.

Understanding the causes of reduced appetite & knowing how to improve appetite and increase food intake is essential to optimise nutritional status and health.

Registered Dietitians can help provide dietary advice and lifestyle tips to help individuals improve their appetite and optimise their nutrition.

The infographic below shows some general information on how to eat well with a small appetite (not to be substituted for any medical or dietary advice already given by your health professional).

If you are concerned about your appetite and/or have experienced unintentional weight loss, please speak to your GP or Registered Dietitian like me for support, personalised advice & information.

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